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Cheap Flights to Las Vegas from Toronto

Toronto, the breathtaking multicultural tapestry that defines Canada, acts as a portal to boundless journeys, including exhilarating ventures to the resplendent oasis known as Las Vegas. Nestled within this vibrant metropolis lies the Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ), serving as the embarkation point for these electrifying exploits. Those who embark on flights from Toronto to Las Vegas are presented with a peerless opportunity to seamlessly transition from the kaleidoscope of diverse cultural experiences and monumental skyscrapers that define Toronto to the dazzling illuminations and ceaseless thrills that permeate every facet of Sin City. Through its strategic positioning and unwavering dedication to efficiency, YYZ guarantees reliable and frequent services, rendering the route from YYZ to LAS an irresistible choice for those yearning to indulge in the intoxicating allure of Las Vegas from their Toronto oasis.

The Toronto Pearson International Airport, with its extensive coverage and welcoming ambiance, mirrors the captivating allure and remarkable efficiency that encapsulates the very essence of the city it dutifully serves. Catering to civilian and military patrons, YYZ stands as a testament to Toronto’s unwavering commitment to cater to the needs of its cherished residents and visitors alike. Whether one is a local Torontonian or an enthusiastic explorer, rest assured that flights from Toronto to Las Vegas will expertly ferry passengers across the boundless expanse, delivering them with remarkable promptness and grace to the very heart of America’s playground. The airport’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and its state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures that every moment of your voyage from YYZ to LAS will be etched indelibly into your memory, forever synonymous with unbridled excitement and unforgettable adventure.

So if you are considering booking a flight from Toronto to Vegas now, or planning for the future, make sure you sign up for our price alerts. Vegas is competitive, but this is all we do, so we DO offer the best cheap flights from YYZ to LAS, and we also offer flight packages and hotel packages so you can buy both together and save even more on your trip from Toronto. We also provide extremely helpful advice for when you land. Make you check our to see where to pick up your luggage for your flight and the several ways to get to your hotel whether, taxi, car, shuttle, or private limo.

What are you waiting for? Check some dates, find your best deal, and tell us what a great time you had. Prices for flights to Las Vegas from Toronto start at $718.06.

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Frequently asked questions

How much is a flight from YYZ to McCarran Airport?

Round-trip flights between (YYZ) Mississauga and (LAS) Harry Reid International Airport (formerly McCarran Airport) start from $718.06 based on fares listed on in the last 30 days. Prices vary and subject to availability and terms and conditions provided by the carrier.

Do I need to pay a cancellation fee if I cancel my flight from Mississauga (YYZ) to McCarran Intl. Airport (LAS)?

Most flights can be canceled online, but all airlines have their own terms and conditions. If you have to cancel your flight that was booked on, please go here.

How do I find cheap flights from YYZ to LAS that allow me to change my ticket without penalty (flexible fares)?

All airlines offer tickets with flexible fares often called “full fare”. We recommend against booking these tickets unless you have a high chance of needing to change your flight. You can always change your ticket and pay an additional amount. Most of the time the change fees plus any penalties is still less than a full fare ticket.

How many hours is the flight from YYZ Mississauga Harry Reid Airport (LAS)?

It takes around 3 hours 52 minutes to fly to Harry Reid Airport (formerly McCarran Airport) from YYZ. Check to see if your flight has Wifi (usually costs money) or meal service as you may want to pick some snacks or a fully charged phone to stay online.

How far is the flight from YYZ to Harry Reid Las Vegas Airport?

Approximately 1939miles (3121km) separates Toronto and Las Vegas. You may want to pack a book to read - perhaps read up on how to beat the casinos or play the slots.

Which airlines fly direct from Mississauga (YYZ) to McCarran Intl. Airport (LAS)?

American Airlines, Jet Blue, and Delta all fly direct from Toronto to Las Vegas. You may also want to consider a private plane which are much cheaper then you might expect.

Can you get tickets from YYZ to McCarran Airport cheaper when purchased at the last minute?

Generally its better to book far in advance. Airline tickets from YYZ to Harry Reid Airport are available up to 12 months ahead and can get the seat you want. No one wants a middle seat. Rarely are there deals at the last minute but if you use our price alert feature, we can keep you posted on any bargains and last minute specials.

Can I fly from YYZ to McCarran Airport right now?

To see what travel restrictions and quarantine requirements are in place for Harry Reid International airport, see this link.

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