Cheap Air Canada Flights: Vancouver to Las Vegas

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Cheap Air Canada Flights to Vegas

Air Canada offers fantastic packages for those seeking affordable options for their upcoming trip to Las Vegas. With several flights departing from various Canadian cities, Air Canada provides discounted fares during special promotions or advanced bookings. Air Canada Rouge, the airline’s low-cost subsidiary, also offers budget-friendly flights to Las Vegas. Although these cheaper flights do not provide all the luxurious amenities of premium travel classes, they still guarantee a safe and comfortable journey to Las Vegas. Therefore, for budget-savvy travelers, Air Canada’s cheap flights to Las Vegas are a great option to consider.

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Air Canada Drop-off location in Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Air Canada Vancouver International Airport Departure

At Vancouver International Airport (YVR), the Air Canada drop-off location is situated at the terminal’s upper roadway for departures. Just spot the Air Canada sign and you’ll see the area. Make sure to check your ticket for terminal details to avoid any confusion. You can also use the button below to get exact directions to the drop-off area.

Google Maps

Traveling to Las Vegas

Our website can help you find budget flight deals for your Las Vegas trip. With numerous airlines and booking platforms available, finding the right flight at the best price can be overwhelming. However, our expert tips and insider knowledge can assist you in jetting off to Sin City in no time.

Las Vegas is a lively city with top-notch casinos, entertainment, and luxurious hotels and spas, making it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the United States. You can easily find a convenient and affordable flight to Las Vegas due to the availability of many flights.

Flexibility with travel dates and times is crucial when looking for affordable flights to Las Vegas. Prices vary significantly depending on the day of the week and the time of year. Therefore, researching and comparing prices across multiple airlines and booking platforms is necessary.

Booking your ticket in advance is another way to save money on flights to Las Vegas, as airlines usually offer discounts for flights booked several months ahead. If you know your travel dates, be sure to book early and benefit from these discounts.

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FAQ’s About Air Canada

  1. What are Air Canada’s check-in policies?

    Web and Mobile check-in: Check in anytime from 24 hours before your flight departure until the check-in deadline and choose your travel preferences accordingly. Check in here. 

    Print your boarding pass at home or have it sent to your mobile device. If you are departing from Algeria, Cuba, or Morocco, you must visit an airport agent to obtain your boarding pass. 
    Tag your checked bags at an airport kiosk and then proceed to the baggage drop-off area.

    Airport Self-Serve Kiosk: Check-in anytime from 12 hours before your flight up until the check-in deadline and purchase your travel options. 

    Print your boarding pass and baggage tags 
    Tag checked bags then proceed to the Baggage Drop-off

    More on Self-serve kiosks.

    Read about Air Canada’s Check-in and Boarding Times here. 

  2. What is Air Canada’s baggage policy?

    Carry-on Baggage: Regardless of your destination, you can bring 1 standard article + 1 personal article.
    • Standard articles must not exceed 15.5 x 9 x 21.5 in including wheels and handles. 
    • Personal articles must not exceed 17 x 6 x 13 in. 
    • Although there is no specific weight restriction on carry-on baggage, it should be light enough for you to stow it in the overhead bin unassisted. 
    • Personal items must be placed in the seat in front of you. 

    Checked baggage: Use Air Canada’s checked baggage calculator to determine free checked baggage allowance and any additional fees should it be exceeded. 

    Overweight and oversized bags: Bags that exceed the allowance allowed by your fare type (in number, size and/or weight) will be subject to additional charges. Please refer to the table on their website for additional checked baggage charges that apply to your itinerary.
    •Please arrive at the airport at least 120 minutes before departure if checking additional bags, or overweight or oversized pieces.
    •Please contact Air Canada Cargo if you are traveling with bags that exceed:
    •32 kg (70 lb) in weight,
    •292 cm (115 in) in linear dimensions, and/or
    •203 cm (80 in) in length.

    Shipments from or via the U.S.
    Because passengers are classified as unknown shippers in the context of cargo transportation, Air Canada Cargo is restricted to transporting only cats and dogs from or through the U.S. If you need to ship any other type of item, please reach out to an alternative shipping provider, such as UPS or FedEx.

  3. What are Air Canada’s cancellation policies?

    Within 24 hours of purchase: In case you decide to cancel your booking within 24 hours of purchasing, Air Canada will either refund the full cost of your ticket or cancel the payment transaction.

    Beyond 24 hours from purchase: Refund eligibility depends on the type of fare purchased. Kindly view Air Canada’s refund options here. 

  4. What if I miss my flight?

    If you miss your Air Canada flight, please contact them at 1-888-247-2262 as soon as possible to discuss your options. For international and other numbers, visit their website.

  5. Does Air Canada offer accessibility assistance?

    To make your travel experience as pleasant as possible, it is recommended to contact the Air Canada Medical Assistance Desk at least 48 hours before departure, even when advance notice may not be required. 

    Air Canada Medical Assistance Desk
    (800) 667 4732 (toll-free for Canada and the United States)
    (514) 369-7039 (long distance charges apply)

    Hours of operation (Eastern Time)
    Monday to Friday: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
    Saturday and Sunday: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    [email protected]

    • Please make sure that the subject line of your email contains your date of travel (day/month/year), family and first name, and Booking Reference, e.g. 26/SEPT/2020, Jones, Mary, N3EI4E
    • Provide a telephone number where Air Canada can reach you back should they need to.

    Flights between Canada and the U.S.
    Customers with disabilities are entitled to specific regulations and privileges regarding the services offered to them. These rules and rights apply to passenger with disabilities who:
    • Are traveling on a flight between Canada and the United States; or
    • Have purchased a ticket for an Air Canada operated flight through an U.S. based airline, where the ticket bears the code of the U.S. airline, e.g., UA7811

    Air Canada is subject to the following:
    • The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Rule on “Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel” (14 CFR Part 382)
    • The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Airline Passengers with Disabilities Bill of Rights

    For more information on Air Canada’s accessibility services, visit their website here. 

  6. What is Air Canada’s pet policy?

    In the cabin
    Passengers are welcome to bring their cat or small dog in the cabin with them, provided that they are small enough to stand, turn around, and lie down in their carrier under the seat in front of you. 

    Please be reminded that pets cannot travel with passengers in the cabin if they:
    • Are an unaccompanied minor 
    • Are seated in an exit or bulkhead row 
    • Require the use of a medical device that needs to be stowed under the seat 
    • Are traveling in Premium Economy 

    Pet charges
    • Within Canada and Canada/U.S. (except Hawaii):  $50.00 CAD/USD per one-way travel
    • International: $100 CAD/USD per one-way travel 

    A few reminders
    • Pet carriers will count as the one standard carry-on item which you are allowed to bring on board.
    • Your pet must always remain in its closed carrier under the seat in front of you.
    • Your pet’s carrier must be big enough to allow them to stand up, turn around and lie down safely and comfortably, with no part of them extending outside the carrier. 
    • Only one cat or small dog in the cabin is allowed per passenger 
    • Pets must be at least 10 weeks old and fully weaned 
    • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the recommended check-in time for your flight
    • If you’re traveling with a pet, you won’t be able to check-in online or via an airport self-service kiosk.

    The maximum size for pet carriers are: 
    • Hard-sided: 21.5 x 40 x 9 inches 
    • Soft-sided: 21.5 x 15.5 x 10.5 inches

    In the baggage compartment

    Your cat or dog can travel with you if you’re traveling on:
    • A flight operated by Air Canada or Air Canada Rouge
    • An Air Canada Express flight operated by Jazz.

    Codeshare Flights and Flights with Other Airlines

    If your itinerary includes a flight that is marketed by Air Canada but operated by one of their codeshare partners, you will not be able to travel with your pet.

    For the specific terms and conditions of any or Air Canada’s codeshare partners or other airlines sold on, visit the operating carrier’s website directly.

    Pet fees and weight and size restrictions 
    • Maximum carrier size allowed: 115in in linear dimensions 
    • Maximum allowable weight: up to 100lb (pet and kennel combined)
    • Charge for one-way travel within Canada and Canada/U.S. (except Hawaii): $105-$120.75 CAD/USD
    • Charge for one-way travel Internationally: $270-318.60 CAD/USD 

    For more information, visit their website.

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