Game-Changing Budget Airlines: The Secret to Cheap Flights in 2023


The Best Budget Airlines of 2023


Flying on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort or convenience. We’ll take you through the best budget airlines that offer excellent value without breaking the bank. We’ll touch down on Southwest, Avelo, JetBlue, and Spirit Airlines.

Each airline has unique perks; we’ll help you navigate them to choose the perfect fit for your next journey. Let’s take off!

Southwest Airlines: America’s Favorite

Often hailed as America’s favorite low-cost carrier, Southwest Airlines stands out with its generous baggage allowance. Say goodbye to those pesky extra charges for your luggage!

With Southwest, you can bring two checked bags, a carry-on, and a personal item onboard at no extra cost. Enjoy the comfort of their seating, relish complimentary beverages and snacks, and take advantage of their open seating policy.

Southwest Airlines airplane
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-7H4

The budget airline’s reliability and high customer satisfaction ratings make it a top choice among travelers. Plus, the Southwest Companion Pass is a big hit – allowing you to bring a travel companion for free (minus taxes and fees). And did I mention there are no change or cancellation fees? With its extensive network connecting 121 destinations, Southwest is a go-to for many budget-savvy travelers.

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Avelo Airlines: Revolutionizing Budget Travel

Enter Avelo Airlines, a game-changer that offers an innovative, flexible, and affordable way to fly. Launched in 2021, Avelo connects smaller regional airports to 42 popular destinations with direct flights. Their unconventional route map, divided into east and west, ditches traditional hub-and-spoke models.

Avelo’s enticing fares start as low as $19 one-way. Just remember to pack smartly and read the fine print, as add-on fees apply for carry-on and checked baggage, seat selection, and priority boarding. Avelo encourages travelers to check luggage by charging slightly more for carry-on bags. If you’re looking for a budget airline with a fresh concept in air travel, Avelo should be on your radar.

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JetBlue: Budget Airline with Premium Perks

JetBlue has made a name for itself by offering premium perks in a budget airline. Enjoy free WiFi, seat-back entertainment, and complimentary snacks and drinks across their expansive network, servicing over 100 global destinations.

However, be prepared for extras like carry-on bags to incur fees for Blue Basic passengers. JetBlue remains a popular choice for many travelers despite potential delays and cancellations. Their fare classes range from Blue Basic to the full-service business class Mint, each with unique privileges. If you’re after a balance of budget-friendly fares and desirable amenities, JetBlue fits the bill.

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Spirit Airlines: For the Budget-Conscious Traveler

Last but not least, we have Spirit Airlines. Ideal for budget-conscious travelers, Spirit offers standard seats and the roomier Big Front Seat. Get your checked bags in early to save money, and if you’re a Spirit Savers Club member, enjoy discounted checked bags, seat selection, and no change fees.

Spirit’s network is extensive, reaching across the US, the Caribbean, Latin America, and parts of South America. The airline offers a no-frills in-flight experience, with WiFi on select flights and snacks and beverages available for purchase. And, their online check-in saves you a $10 airport boarding pass printing fee!

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And there you have it!

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