Cheap British Airways Flights: London Heathrow to Las Vegas

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Cheap British Airways Flights to Vegas

More than just a flight, British Airways make every single journey special. They offer convenient and comfortable flights to Las Vegas from major airports around the globe. With various cabin classes to choose from, passengers can expect a comfortable and relaxing journey to Las Vegas. Onboard amenities include in-flight entertainment, comfortable seating, and delicious meals and snacks, ensuring a memorable travel experience. With a frequent flyer program called Executive Club, passengers can earn and redeem points for flights, upgrades, and other travel-related benefits. Book your flights to Las Vegas with British Airways and enjoy an exceptional travel experience from start to finish.

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British Airways Drop-off location in Heathrow Airport (LHR)

British Airways Heathrow Airport Departure

At Heathrow Airport (LHR), the British Airways drop-off location is situated at the terminal’s upper roadway for departures. Just spot the British Airways sign and you’ll see the area. Make sure to check your ticket for terminal details to avoid any confusion. You can also use the button below to get exact directions to the drop-off area.

Google Maps

Traveling to Las Vegas

Our website can help you find budget flight deals for your Las Vegas trip. With numerous airlines and booking platforms available, finding the right flight at the best price can be overwhelming. However, our expert tips and insider knowledge can assist you in jetting off to Sin City in no time.

Las Vegas is a lively city with top-notch casinos, entertainment, and luxurious hotels and spas, making it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the United States. You can easily find a convenient and affordable flight to Las Vegas due to the availability of many flights.

Flexibility with travel dates and times is crucial when looking for affordable flights to Las Vegas. Prices vary significantly depending on the day of the week and the time of year. Therefore, researching and comparing prices across multiple airlines and booking platforms is necessary.

Booking your ticket in advance is another way to save money on flights to Las Vegas, as airlines usually offer discounts for flights booked several months ahead. If you know your travel dates, be sure to book early and benefit from these discounts.

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FAQ’s About British Airways

  1. What are British Airways’ check-in policies?

    Online Check-in: Check in from 24 hours before your flight departs at Manage My Booking or through the link here.

    Mobile Application: Check in up to 24 hours before your flight departure using the British Airways app available for mobile, iPad and Apple Watch.
    Download your boarding pass (for flights departing within 24 hours) for return and (where possible) connecting flights.
    More about the British Airways app here.

    Via Kiosk: Check in and print your boarding pass with the British Airways airport kiosk. All you need is your booking reference (PNR) or passport.

    Baggage check-in: Check in is always available at any British Airways check-in desk.  Overnight Bag Drop is also available at London Heathrow Terminal 3 and Terminal 5 and London Gatwick. 

  2. What is British Airways’ baggage policy?

    British Airways’ standard checked baggage allowance is 23kg per bag. The allowed number of checked bags will depend on your booking and cabin class.  

    Economy (no checked bag) : 0 checked 23kg bags
    Economy (with checked bag): 1 checked 23kg bag
    Premium Economy: 2 checked 23kg bags
    Business: 2 checked 23kg bags
    First: 3 checked 23kg bags

    Note: All tickets include cabin and hand baggage. 

    Bag sizes should not exceed the following sizes: 
    • Hand bags: up to 16” x 12” x 6” 
    • Cabin bags: up to 22” x 18” x 10” 
    • Checked bags: up to 35” x 30” x 17” 

    Please note: The Economy baggage allowance for Nairobi and Kuwait has changed for new bookings and tickets issued from 18 April 2023. Please check the calculator on their website here for your allowance.

    Overweight and oversized baggage: 

    Overweight bags: 
    • British Airlines will charge 65 GBP / 75 EUR / 100 USD / 100 CAD per overweight bag and one-way journey. If you’re flying from a country that uses a different local currency, the GBP amount will be converted to the local currency. In some destinations, additional local taxes may also apply. 
    • Several airports such as London Heathrow, London Gatwick, and various locations in North America, accept payment through credit or debit cards only. Cash is not accepted, and Avios cannot be used as a form of payment.
    • British Airways’ 23kg baggage weight limit applies to each bag and can’t be split between multiple bags. Bags over 32kg won’t be accepted as checked baggage.
    • If your itinerary includes a flight operated by another airline, their baggage policies may vary. Be sure to verify the details before your flight.

    Oversized bags: 
    • There is a maximum dimension of 190 x 75 x 65cm for oversized bags. 
    • Bags that exceed the standard size but fall within the maximum allowable dimensions are considered out-of-gauge bags. These bags can be considered as part of your checked baggage allowance, but they need to be checked in at the out-of-gauge bag drop at least 90 minutes before your flight departure to ensure that they travel with you.

  3. What are British Airways’ cancellation policies?

    24-Hour Cancellation Window: If a customer cancels their booking within 24 hours or less from the time it was booked, they are eligible for a full refund without any penalties with the exception of bookings made for travel within 24 hours. 

    Requested for a refund by calling any of their contact centers here.

  4. What if I miss my flight?

    The fare a passenger paid is for the specific flights, route and dates as shown on the e-ticket receipt.
    Please be aware that the flights indicated on the e-ticket receipt cannot be used in a different order. This means that if a passenger fails to notify British Airways beforehand about any modifications required, and decide not to board a particular flight (also referred to as a “no show”), it will render all the remaining unused flights in their itinerary null and void, and they will be cancelled automatically.

    If a passenger needs to change all or part of their journey and if their fare type allows it, British Airways can recalculate the new fare for their proposed change. (However, for customers who booked their ticket with a travel agency/online travel site they would need to refer back to them to make changes.)

    You can contact British Airways here.

  5. Does British Airways offer accessibility assistance?

    Most definitely. British Airways has multiple levels of mobility assistance to serve you better. 

    Once you have booked your flight, go to Manage My Booking and let them know what level of mobility assistance you need. You can choose from three levels:

    Service 1
    • Assistance to and from the aircraft; depending on the airport,  will be by either electric buggy or airport wheelchair
    Service 2
    • Assistance to and from the aircraft; depending on the airport, will be by either electric buggy or airport wheelchair
    • Help with stairs if the aircraft is parked away from the terminal building
    Service 3
    • Assistance to and from the aircraft; depending on the airport, will be by either electric buggy or airport wheelchair
    • Help with stairs if the aircraft is parked away from the terminal building
    • Use of the on-board wheelchair to get to/from your seat and to move around the cabin during the flight. Please note you will need to have enough upper body strength to lift yourself between your seat and the on-board wheelchair, otherwise you will need to travel with a safety assistant who can help you with that.

    Once the request for assistance is completed British Airways will provide information on the available seating choices.  If you have any questions, please contact British Airways. 

  6. What is British Airways’ pet policy?

    All pets need to travel in the hold. British Airways has partnered with multiple suppliers to ensure that your pets travel as comfortably as possible. 

    From the UK: Pet transportation from the UK is handled by PetAir UK, a company owned and operated by fully qualified veterinary surgeons. They have been transporting pets worldwide since 2004, providing British Airways customers with a secure, comfortable, and convenient way to export their pets from the UK.
    More about transporting Pets with PetAir UK

    To the UK: If you are traveling to the UK, British Airways will be transporting your pet through their sister company IAG Cargo. With decades of experience in transporting animals from all corners of the world, they will provide your pet with the same level of care and attention as if it was their own.
    More about transporting pets with IAG Cargo

    Pet Travel Scheme
    Pets entering the UK must meet the requirements of the Pet Travel Scheme offered by the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA). It lets cats and dogs to travel between some countries and UK airports avoiding quarantine.

    If you’re traveling to a different country, please check with the relevant embassy or consulate for any regulations or restrictions.

    More about DEFRA’s Pet Travel scheme

    SUN-AIR of Scandinavia flights
    SUN-AIR is British Airways’ franchise partner operating flights within Europe under the British Airways brand. Just like on British Airways operated flights, recognized service dogs are permitted to travel in the cabin, along with other pets weighing up to 6kg..
    • Other pets must be transported in a waterproof bag or cage, with maximum dimensions of 7.5 x 11.5 x 7.5in. 
    • Before departure, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all documentation and animal passports are in order.
    • SUN-AIR permits one pet on board each aircraft at one time.

    Please contact the SUN-AIR ticket office on +45 75 33 16 11 no later than 72 hours before departure if you wish to bring your pet on a SUN-AIR operated flight. Please note that pets are not permitted on SUN-AIR flights to the United Kingdom.

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